While building a pantry is great and makes for a very exciting project, there can be some mistakes that make the whole thing a failure. It specially seems to happen around the storage options that you have in your pantry. Here are some of the mistakes that you can avoid in your storage in the pantry and make it a great project and a great space to work in.Using shelves that are not flexibleImagine having a beautiful contemporary or textured wood kitchens with inflexible shelves that do not offer for any kind of movement? How will you be able to move things around or fold them up if you need the extra space? If you have employed these type of shelves, what you can do to increase the amount of space is to add more options on storage to the existing ones. Just make sure that the space does not get overly cluttered. country design kitchensDeep or narrow shelvesIf the shelving system is a very narrow one in your pantry you will not be able to store broad items on them. If they are too deep, you will have to reach long and hard to get to the back of the shelf. You have to maintain balance where the shelves are proportionate to the rest of the accessories in the pantry and are also equipped to hold the correct amount of food and other pantry equipment. It is also better to store breakable items behind closed doors such as pantry cupboards so as to make sure that you do not drop them accidentally and break them. Most country style kitchen designs come with ample storage facilities so that you do not have to worry about storing things very much. View more here https://www.farmersdoors.com/country-kitchens/. Not having a clear plan of what will be stored whereYou will need to have a clear plan of what needs to be stored exactly where. For example decide where you can store canned food items in the pantry. These can be in a pantry cupboard or one of the strong shelves that has central support so that the weight of the food will not cause it to sag in the middle. Pots and pans and anything to do with glass or ceramic that is fragile can go in pantry cupboards where they will be safe from potential breakage. Cereal and other quick and easy food that you will need on a regular basis can go into an overhead shelf that even your kids can reach in the event you are not available. Planning storage well beforehand will enable you to enjoy the most of your pantry.