If you are moving into a house that is liveable but is by no means all done, you need to choose wisely when it comes to fixing it up. Not everyone has the money to do the whole house at once so the best thing to do is to start room by room and invest in the house. Doing it in a rush will entail making some cutbacks and that will impact you negatively in the long run. So which room do you start with?

The Wet Room
Bathrooms and toilets are the absolute top in your list. You can sleep on the floor, eat out and do everything else but you have to have a modernized bathroom. If the tub is leaking, if the shower doesn’t work, and if the taps get clogged then you have to fix those up before moving on to anything else. Try not to clutter up the space with fussy detail; keep your bathroom clean with one simple shower, a tub and a cabinet. Look at the websites of http://apollokitchens.com.au/corporate/ suppliers to get an idea of how to keep the lines simple and classic.

The Cookery Class
This is one room or space that you will be using a lot even if you don’t cook anything, so make sure that you remodel this first. Look at kitchen designs Newcastle online or flip through a magazine and educate yourself about the various models there are right now. Then, give it over to a professional company who will do everything for you. All the wet areas like sinks have to be fixed up just right, especially if you are in an older house, so this is not a time for an amateur fitter to be fiddling around with it. Make sure that the counter tops are durable; that there is plenty of ventilation and that there is an exhaust for the stove smoke to go through. It is also best if the walls are papered in some sort of material that can be easily cleaned.

Living Rooms
If you have a lounge or living area then leave it till the end because that is usually the first space we see when we enter. In most houses, it’s simply a matter of moving the furniture out and getting some new stuff in but if you want to move around the walls, then that is cool too. The living room will also take less money than the other rooms simply because it’s a matter of altering floors and the walls so you will be able to do it on whatever is left of your remodelling fund. kitchen-design-Sydney