It is terrifying to see your child go through a disability. But a disability which can be either physical or intellectual can occur to anyone and we must be prepared to tend for them in their need. A physical disability limits body movement and functions while an intellectual disability limits thinking capacity leading to behavioural issues. Disabilities lead to needing more support to carry out day to day activities. There are varying levels of support needed. While some may need minimum support, others may need complete support and won’t be able to live without it. In order to provide for a minor with disability, it is better if you enrol for study childcare in Australia which will give you general education about handling children. Knowledge is power. These courses taught by child specialists can help you to understand their needs better and provide for them appropriately. Communication problems may occur in those with intellectual disability. It is important to go for special classes in this case to understand what your child is trying to tell you. A child with cerebral palsy, which is a disease of posture and movement with or without mental disability can be a very hard case to handle depending on severity of the condition. These children may need help with toileting, feeding, and moving from one place to another. They may develop recurrent infections and other complications of the disease.

They need your continuous care and a certificate 3 in childcare Melbourne may help to handle them better. It is important to join support groups particular to the condition and learn tips and gain experience to handle them better. These groups also help to focus on your own well-being which is as important in providing support to your child. Children with disability should be encouraged to learn and reach high according to their capacity. Do not let the disability become a life sentence where they give up on life. They must be trained and taught skills from occupational therapy, physiotherapy and special classes. Always push the children to become better and grow more independent while providing your continuous support. This way their quality of life becomes better and they would be an optimum input to the community.

Lastly, it is common for your other children to be neglected while you care for the one with the disability. Organize your time and give them attention as well. Also take care for your own health, both physical and mental. Do regular exercise, eat a balanced diet, and share your responsibilities with others to make the burden on you less.