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3 Extremely Unique Holiday Spots In The World

A guide on how to make your vacation more enjoyable

Have you ever being on a vacation where you were completely bored out of your mind and counting the days to get back home? We would all have gone through something similar at some point in our life thanks to bad trip planning and plans going unexpectedly wrong. However, if you are planning on going a trip anytime soon you can surely do something about making it more enjoyable without making very drastic changes! Most of the time people go on a holiday with a certain budget that they should be sticking to, and due to this reason we cannot all do what we would like simply to make our vacation an extremely good one but this does not mean there are things we cannot do to make it a whole lot better. This guide will give you an idea on how to make a boring vacation more enjoyable with some simple tips! 

Think of a unique destination

You might be sticking to a budget, but do not let your budget take away the best of your vacation! The mere purpose of a vacation is to get away from the horrendous, stressful reality and give yourself a break after all! So when you are picking a destination, you do not need to go all the way and pick the most amazing, luxurious place you can find but you can still try to pick an affordable, interesting place to stay at! An excellent caravan park in Lakes Entrance or a mere cabin in the woods is bound to keep you excited throughout your holiday!

Stay away from technology

This is one major way of ruining a perfectly good vacation! We all know we want to take pictures of where we are traveling to and post it all over various social media, but try to leave the social media part for when you go home! It is completely fine to take a picture or two at the holiday accommodation, but keep in mind to put your devices away afterwards so you can actually bring yourself to enjoy the vacation rather than being glued to electronic devices!

Talk to people

While some people would rather stay away from civilization during a vacation, others would do the opposite. In a way, talking to people in that locality would help you out with gaining some new knowledge and it would also let you know of interesting places and hidden spots that only locals would know of! This does happen a lot of the time and it is one sure fire way of making sure your holiday carries a spark until the very end!

Earn While On Holiday

While most people go on holiday to take a break from their earning-spending lifestyle, a bit of extra cash in hand never hurt anyone. Here are some ways you can supplement your income while you are on holiday.

If you are somewhere else other than your home having a break, then you can easily list your house on an ‘apartments for rent’ website. This way, you can have a tenant for a short period of time and earn some extra cash instead of letting your house lie fallow, eating up utilities costs. Most people go away for 2-3 weeks; if this is your timeline as well, let your house for the day after you leave your house up until a couple of days before you return.

There are online agencies that can offer you freelance work based on your skills for a short period of time. Once you have given up your condo for rent (short term of course) you can take your laptop with you and work for small periods of time during your vacation. Writing articles for websites, doing design work, even data entry or proofreading are all things that can be done easily away from home. Try not to take things from your official work place as the idea of a vacation is to unplug from your usual responsibilities. However, doing something more in line with your hobby can help you relax and earn some extra pin money on the side.

If you live in a generally sunny state and have access to roof space, you might want to think about putting up a solar panel. There are panels that will feed electricity directly into the grid or to your home. If the former, the state or power company usually pays us for the extra units that we supply. If the latter, what usually happens is that the electricity meter runs backwards, thus reducing the unit count and saving us money. No matter which way it works for you, it will either earn or save you money while you are away because the panels will keep producing energy even when you are no longer using the lights.

If you own a car and you will not be taking it with you on your trip, make sure you leave it behind with someone who can put it to good use, namely to use it as a rental. Unused vehicles develop all kinds of problems which can ultimately cost more money. Since you are not going to be using it, why not make some money off it? Have the renter pump their own gas and simply charge them a fixed amount for the day.

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