If you have tried all homemade remedies for your acne and nothing better happens to your face that reduce your acne or acne scars then it’s time to see a doctor. It is a condition of the skin that can cause of many other reasons like hormone imbalance mostly during puberty. Acne can be stubborn, if one pimple or let say bumps heal slowly and you become happy the other crop up to disappoint you. But if by chance the pimples disappear the face seems to remember it by scars.  

There sign depends upon the severity like whiteheads, blackheads, small bumps, painful lumps or pimples. It typically appears on forehead upper back, shoulders, chest and it is common among teenagers although it affects people of all ages. It is not dangerous but it can leave your skin with many scars. 

There are many homemade remedies for acne treatment in Brisbane like diet control, moisturize your skin, drink a lot of water and much more but it is not necessary that they can cause your acne to vanish.  Your remedies can make your acne worse, so you should see a dermatologist. The dermatologist can help you in different ways depending on the condition of your acne like they can refer to laser treatment, can tell you about fillers to use and other ways.  

Some facts about acne are as follows: 

  • If mostly affect people of age between 11 to 30 
  • Squeeze the spots can lead to scars on your body that can make your skin worse 
  • Using harsh substances like lemon, toothpaste can leave soreness as they are not made for skin. 
  • Mostly it is because of hormones imbalance  

Now lest discuss the myths about acne that people created 

  • Most of the acne victims say that acne is the cause of unclean or dirty skin, but there is no link between them. Although over cleaning the skin can make your acne worse 
  • Another myth is that acne is caused by poor diet, even people include that chocolate makes it more badly but this is not the case. This fairytale is unproven and just a myth. 
  • Acne is not only for teenagers, but it can also occur during the adult year and teenage. Adult acne can be persistence. Teenagers do not own acne. 
  • Last but not the least that oily things because acne, greasy things have little effect on acne. While you must keep your consumption of oily things to moderate level but this does not mean that these things can make way to your pores. 

So if severity doesn’t clear your acne from self-remedies then consult a doctor, you may need medical treatment as this can be a sign of any other medical attention. There are many treatments, medications are available for this purpose. acne-treatment