Billboards and sign boards can be found almost everywhere in the world. They help people and customers to find their way, to gather information and even to be made aware of current situations that need to be known by them. Depending on the purpose, the material used to build such sign boards differ. Following are some of those materials that can be used in making such signage. Always keep in mind that whatever component used to build it always depends on the importance and the scale of the business and message that needs to be conveyed.

Expanded PVC is highly used in the world as it is much light weight than other materials that can be used to build signs. The main reason being that it’s useful for multipurpose. Those uses will include, display, outdoor counters, exhibition booths, menu boards etc. Other advantages of using expanded PVC in signage are that it is water resistant, shock resistant and has the ability to avoid corrosion.

This is the most widely used type of signage material. This has the resistance ability against most of the natural exposures. It is also used for illuminated signs where the front part will be built in aluminium while it is illuminated signage at the back by the use of lights.    These are commonly used for outdoor signage requirements and are able to stand alone at outdoor exposed areas facing the sunlight and rain. Aluminium is highly used for pole signs that show direction, but construction sites too use it at present.

Widely used as lawn signs, wood is considered to be economical in comparison to aluminium or LED signage. It can be either used for outdoor or indoor purposes, depending on your requirement. Some find it extravagant and of historical value in suing wooden sign boards, since it gives a quality touch to your outlook. You can even design your own by painting it as you please. But make sure that you don’t let the colours take away the wooden affect off the board.

Corrugated plastic, or better known as corroplast is a very lightweight and double sided type of material which is also used in the process of building signage. The double sided sheet is made out of polythene or polypropylene. It is also quite durable and sustainable when using and is used for both indoor and outdoor signage. Having sufficient knowledge on the materials that the name boards are to be built on will assist you in making the right decision of sign boards that suits your business.